An unwanted intruder…

Year 5 had a huge shock when they arrived in class on Monday morning because they found their classrooms in a complete mess. Tables had been tipped over, chairs were scattered around the floor and a school report belonging to the troublesome Bradley Chalkers was ripped up and scattered around the room. Year 5 used their detective skills to piece together information and draw conclusions about this very naughty boy.

Throughout the week we have learnt more about Bradley as we have started reading our new novel called ‘There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom’.


Get down to Gloucester Library….

We have some very exciting news to share with you about the non- chronological reports the children read to you for their home learning last week. After receiving copies of all the reports, Gloucestershire Library have selected their favourite 12 reports and created their very own display for members of the public to view. If you are in Gloucester over the next couple of weeks then pop into the library to see if your child’s work has been displayed. Take a look at the display below…

Viking beliefs…

At the beginning of this week, Year 5 children received a letter from Gloucestershire Library asking them to produce reports about Viking gods. As a result, Year 5 children have worked incredibly hard producing outstanding non- chronological reports about Viking beliefs. Gloucestershire Library will be selecting their favourite reports to display on one of their information boards for members of the public to view. The children who have their work selected will also get chance to visit Gloucestershire Library in the forth coming weeks with Miss Thomas to receive their prize and view their displayed work.

Have a look at some of the wonderful reports below;

Viking Arty-facts

This week, Year 5 have loved finishing their theme book front covers with gold and silver embellishments, they look amazing.

We have also been exploring many different artefacts from the Viking period, observing the finer details and drawing them with art pencils.

Year 5 go “a viking”


Year 5 have had a super start to the new year with a visit from a real Viking, Viking Olaf. Olaf greeted us in Old Norse, told us that he was from Northway (we know it as Norway) and how to fight and defend our towns and villages.

We swore an oath to Odin the One Eyed Viking god and asked for the protection of his son, Thor.

We have learnt so much already and are really looking forward to the theme.