Explore Pentecost…

Year 5 have started their Explore Pentecost celebrations this week. We created art compositions which reflect our own interpretation of the story of Pentecost. As well as this, we worked in small groups to make wind chimes which represent the huge torrents of wind that first informed the disciples of the Holy Spirit’s arrival.

Have a look in our school’s spiritual garden to see our wonderful wind chimes!


Year 5 Reading Miles Challenge

A huge thank you to all of you who came to the launch of our ‘Reading Miles Challenge’ this morning, it was a fantastic success. The children are very excited about their reading journey and have already travelled 1500 miles today… New York is in sight!

Run your own restaurant!

Year 5 have had a very exciting week with the ‘Explore Learning’ team designing their own Italian menu for Nonna’s restaurant. The children used a range of maths skills to collect and record data for their menu including making tally charts. After researching children’s preferred menu options, children applied their knowledge of fractions to calculate the ingredients needed for each meal. Following this, the children converted proportions of ingredients from fractions into decimals and percentages.

Have a look at our scrumptious menus below!

Animal Magic…

We began exploring animal skins and replicating these using colouring crayons. Following this, we chose our favorite design and repeated it in a ‘Pop Art’ style using different colours. We used printing inks to create these designs on a larger scale.

Look at our fabulous animal print designs below.

Year 5 take a walk on the wild side!

‘This was the best trip we have ever been on!’ This was a common┬ácomment from┬áthe children following our fantastic trip to West Midlands Safari Park. Lions, white tigers, painted dogs, elephants and giraffes were just some of the incredible animals we saw during our trip. Year 5 were treated to a breath-taking ride through the safari park and afterwards ventured through exhibitions showing creepy crawlies, penguins, parrot lorikeets and reptiles. The children have since used their new knowledge to write non-chronological reports!

P.S. We were all exhausted after such a super trip!

Year 5 Animalpedia

This week the children have been making their own Deadly 60 encyclopaedia, they have researched their animal of choice and are in the final stages of producing a non-chronological report. Once published, the reports will be put together to create our very own animalpedia.

The children have loved learning about the animals and we are sure they will have lots of facts to share with you.

Deadly 60!

Year 5 have had a very exciting start back to the term making their amazing theme book front covers! First, they applied a watercolour wash to the background and tried really hard to create darker and lighter tones. Following this, they used sharp colouring crayons to mark make patterns over top. Don’t you think they look fabulous?